How to create an AllSpice personal access token (PAT)
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    How to create an AllSpice personal access token (PAT)

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    Article summary

    This article will show you how to create an allspice persopal access token (PAT)


    There are a lot of different security protocols used in AllSpice.


    You might be using SSH or GPG encryption keys to encrypt your designs as they are pushed and pulled from the server.


    Two-factor authentication or 2FA adds security by adding an extra device to the sign-on process, ensuring your accounts don't get compromised.

    Security keys are hardware devices contaning cryptographic keys that can be used for two-factor authentication as long as they support WebAuthn Authenticator standard.


    Applicatons is where you can manage your access tokens. These access tokens are sometimes refered to as authentication tokens.

    You can also manage your OAuth2 applications to give third-party application access to user accounts.

    How to create an access token

    Navigate to settings->Applications by clicking your profile in the upper right and selecting Settings from the pull-down.
    Screen Shot 2023-01-30 at 5.39.45 PM.png

    Generate a new token by filling in a Token name and clicking on the "Generate Token" button.
    Screen Shot 2023-01-30 at 5.48.31 PM.png

    Copy the token value and store it in a secure location. It will only be displayed once. If you can't remember your token, create another one. They're light.
    Screen Shot 2023-01-30 at 5.52.59 PM.png

    That's it. The use the token for things like authentication using our REST API.

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