Library Management
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    Library Management

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    Library Management with



    What is Library management?

    Library management is simply a collection of best practices to improve the quality of PCBA components during the entire design lifecycle.

    Create, fix, and maintain PCB footprint library files

    • Pads (size, pitch)

    • Pinswap/rename

    • Refdes

    • Courtyard/keepouts

    • Thermal improvements

    • Silkscreen improvements

    Create, fix, and maintain schematic symbol files

    • Pin data (name, voltage, input/output/clk/etc)

    • Part attributes (power, current, speed, etc)

    • Manufacturing data

    • Symbol readability

    Create, fix, and maintain library metadata (intlib/dblib)

    Integrated libraries keep information in a single library file.

    DBlibs keep information in a database such as MYSQL

    • Connects symbols and footprints into single component with order information

      • i.e. 10K 0805 resistor vs 10K 0603

    • Fix ordering data

      • Distributor + Part Number list

      • Alternate parts list

    • Clean Library ( 5S )

    • Filter out duplicate components

    • Reduce, reuse, recycle footprints and symbols

    There are many different ways of performing Library management, and most organizations have a very unique set of market requirements. There is no one-size-fits all solution besides flexibility and taking process one-step-at-a-time.

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