Migrate an SVN repository into AllSpice
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    Migrate an SVN repository into AllSpice

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    Part #1: Migrate your SVN repository to git

    For converting your SVN repository into a Git one, we recommend following this GitKraken guide.

    You may also be interested in Microsoft's SVN to Git migration guide: Learn how to migrate from Subversion (SVN) to Git, including history

    At the end when it says to migrate trunk to master (Part #3 of Push repository to a bare git repository), instead of master we suggest using main to be consistent with AllSpice's syntax going forward.

    Part #2: Sync your new git repo with AllSpice

    When you are done with the steps in the tutorial above, you will have to add your AllSpice Hub repository as the remote and force push the changes (since you already initialized the repository).

    From bash

    From within the c:\new-bare.git directory, run:

    git remote add origin [REPO-URL]
    git push --set-upstream origin --force-with-lease

    Where [REPO-URL] is the repository clone address and has the format:


    From TortoiseGit

    • Click "Push
    • Check "Force with lease"
    • Click "Manage" to add your remote
    • Select "Okay" & "Okay"

    In TortoiseGit, under options force with lease is checked. The destination selected is remote, with origin in the text box. To the right of that box is manage, which is circled in red - an arrow points from manage to the remote settings.

    Part #3: Create a develop branch

    When everything looks good on your new main branch, you can create a develop branch where you can do your day to day work.

    From bash

    Run the following commands:

    git checkout -b develop
    git push --set-upstream origin

    From TortoiseGit

    • Click "Create Branch"
    • Name your branch develop
    • In Options, check "Switch to new branch"
    • Click "Okay"
    • Then, click "Push" & "Okay"

    Create branch in TortoiseGit. In the branch prompt, develop is written.

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