Welcome to CI/CD Actions
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    Welcome to CI/CD Actions

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    Article Summary

    Welcome to CI/CD Actions

    Actions help you automate tiresome and error-prone design actions to help streamline your development process and design-out errors. Actions are like having an extremely detail oriented coworker that will work 24/7/365.

    Actions are programs for your design process

    • Read any design file in your repository

    • Process BOM/Assembly

      • Availability checks

      • Lifecycle checks (PLM)

      • COGS (ERP)

      • CM BOM Diff Report

      • Extended quote/forecasting

        • PCB cost/schedule options

        • Quotes with multiple quantities

        • Date extended quantity is available

    • Process Schematics

      • Verify symbols

      • Reference designators

      • Symbol attributes

        • MFG/MPN/Value/etc

      • Netlist

      • Static analysis

        • Power/GND misconnects

        • Voltage level checks between components

    • Process PCBAs

      • Verify footprints

      • Verify design rules match (DRC is no good if the rules are wrong)

      • Create trace report (Current/Power/Width)

      • Generate stack-up documentation

    • Generate documentation (Sch/PCB Design Review/Release notes/Fab files)

    • Regulate releases

      • File pattern match

      • Flag missing files

      • Generate report

    • Connect to any public API

      • PLM/ERP (Cofactr/PTC)

      • Distributors (Digikey/Mouser/Newark/Octopart)

      • Task management (Jira)

      • Create Read Update Delete (CRUD) cloud “office” documents

        • MS365 (Excel/Word/Powerpoint)

        • Google docs (Sheets/Docs/Slides)

      • Network sync (Dropbox/MS365/iCloud)

    Actions are flexible to your technical experience

    Actions can be written in any programming language, can install dependencies from the cloud, and output results.

    Actions are run on a temporary software container (like Docker) which is a fresh computer image every time. The server automatically spins up and runs your actions automatically.

    Actions are set up to run when specific Git actions run. Setting up a BOM check to trigger on push means every time you push your design to AllSpice, you will get an automatic BOM check. You will see a pass/fail and the output of the BOM program.

    Here is a list of Git action triggers. Don’t worry if you don’t fully understand yet. As you set up and run your first projects, you will start to see how you can create tests and automate long and error-prone tasks.

    trigger event

    activity types


    not applicable


    not applicable


    not applicable


    not applicable


    not applicable


    opened, edited, closed, reopened, assigned, unassigned, milestoned, demilestoned, labeled, unlabeled


    created, edited, deleted


    opened, edited, closed, reopened, assigned, unassigned, synchronize, labeled, unlabeled


    submitted, edited


    created, edited


    published, edited



    Let’s head to the Actions Quickstart

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