What file formats do you support?
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    What file formats do you support?

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    # ECAD file formats

    ECAD VendorToolFile extensionStatus
    AltiumProject file.prjpcbLimited support
    AltiumSchematic Library.schlibBeta
    AltiumPCB Footprint Library.pcblibBeta
    AltiumIntegrated Library.intlibRoadmap
    AltiumDatabase Library.dblibRoadmap
    Cadence OrCADSchematic.dsnBeta
    Cadence OrCADProject FilemixedRoadmap
    Cadence System CaptureSchematic.sdaxRoadmap
    Cadence System CaptureProject FilesmixedRoadmap
    Cadence AllegroSchematicmixedRoadmap
    Cadence (Allegro / OrCAD / System Capture)PCB.brdAlpha
    KiCadProject File.kicad_proRoadmap
    KiCadSchematic Library.kicad_symRoadmap
    KiCadPCB Library.kicad_modRoadmap
    Mentor Graphics-mixedRoadmap
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