Migrating Instructions for A365 Users
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    Migrating Instructions for A365 Users

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    Article summary

    Moving repo to AllSpice from A365

    • Identify repository to migrate
    • Download the project locally using the Altium Designer interface
    • Create new repo in your org on hub.allspice.io
      • Set up branch protection on main
        • Prevent pushes directly to main
        • Changes can now only be merged with a design review
      • Create “develop” branch (may already exist)
    • Copy git address from repo on hub.allspice.com
      • From web UI on repo page


    • Clone the repo locally

      • Avoid OneDrive folders as they may disrupt switching branchesUpdate local repo with new git address for remote
      • Make sure the folder is in a convenient location and easy to find
      git clone URL
    • Change to develop branch

      • Do not put changes on main branch
      git fetch origin develop
      git switch develop
    • Update the local .PrjPcb file

      • Remove the values from these key=value pairs
      • You can use Notepad to edit the file
    # Before
    # After
    • Verify new repo
      • Make a test design change in Altium Designer.
      • Save the changes
      • Commit the changes
      • Push the committed pages to AllSpice Hub develop branch
      • Check AllSpice Hub for the design changes

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