Todo before your onboarding
  • 09 Feb 2024
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Todo before your onboarding

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Article Summary

Prepare for your onboarding

These steps will help you get the most out of your onboarding session, and help ensure a smooth onboarding session.

Log in to your AllSpice server

  1. Visit your AllSpice server. This is usually, or
  2. Click Sign-in in the top-right of the website


  1. Click Sign in with external authorization. This will take you to your company's authorization page
    log in alternative 1.png

  2. You should now be logged in and at your dashboard. You should be presented with our guided tutorial. You can follow along, or dismiss it to view it later by clicking on your user profile in the upper right and selecting Onboarding.
    how to onboardingArtboard 1.png

Confirm your organization

You should be able to see your organization by clicking on Organization, on your dashboard.

dashboard organizationArtboard 1.png

If you don't see your dashboard, check your email for an invitation link and click on the link. The email should have the phrase "invited you to join" in the subject line.

Screenshot 2024-01-08 at 9.09.00 PM.png

Install ECAD tool

Make sure you are on a computer that has your ECAD tool installed to get the most out of the training, as AllSpice shows visual diffs of your ECAD changes

  • Altium
  • OrCad
  • Allegro
  • KiCad

Install a local Git client

Your internal lead can make a recommendation. If you're not sure, then go with GitHub Desktop for ease of use.

Set up SSH

You need to set up SSH (Secure Shell Protocol) to transfer files swiftly. You can use HTTPS for smaller files, however SSH will significantly speed up your experience.

Fill out onboarding form

We'd like to get to know you. Help us customize the onboarding agenda by answering a few question and asking some of your own.

Tell us about your technical background 🧰🎶

Thank you!

Thank you for preparing for the live training session.

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